Plant Stem Cell Skin Care Products

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PhyNuCell’s Stem cell face serums are shown to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and reduce sag. It improves complexion by boosting outer layer turnover which removes dull skin and replaces with a more healthy and youthful look while adding to skin softness. Our Plant Stem Cell Serum also protects against environmental exposure and damage per leading dermatologists.

Plant Stem Cell Replication

The phenomenon of callus creation from differentiated adult plant cells was described for the first time in 1902 by the Austrian botanist, Gottlieb Haberlandt. He suggested that the individual plant cell is able to regenerate the entire plant. This itself was demonstrated in 1958 by cloning a carrot from in vitro cultivated carrot cells. Since then, many articles have been published dedicated to regeneration of the entire plant from the cultivated cells and/or tissues. The callus creation process is one stage of somatic embryogenesis (i.e., formation of a zygote without fertilization) and the plant cells are subjected to dedifferentiation to again become stem cells capable of producing a new tissue or even an entire organ.

The WUS protein is responsible for turning somatic cells back into stem cells. Research shows that cytokines are responsible for the production of stems from a callus, while auxins are responsible for the production of roots. There is evidence that shows plant auxins have a regulatory effect on telomere length.  Telomere growth is optimized by reducing stress.

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